Webapp to track "special orders"
October 26, 2014 9:37 AM

I own a shop where there is an occasional need to take special orders.

It would be very useful if we could move our tracking of these orders away from paper and onto the web.

Each member of staff would need a login, a classic user/pass combo. I suppose that necessitates an administrator user who would manage the users, creating new ones and deleting old ones as necessary.

The tool would need to keep track of the progress of the order and "nag" the current owner of the special order if the order does not progress after a certain amount of time, by email or SMS.

The tool should be able to keep track of deposits customers may or may not have paid and it must insist that for certain types of orders customers have to have paid a deposit.

We would need to be able to keep customers up to date with SMS text messaging. We already have a TextLocal login. TextLocal have an API for interacting with the service.

The tool should have the ability to track and display what has happened to an order as it has progressed through the system. I call this a 'journal' but this may not be the correct term. i.e.
14/5/2013 11:10 : Transferred to user 'Billy Bob'.
15/5/2014 09:01: Billy Bob marked item as 'ordered'.
16/5/2014 10:00: Item marked as 'arrived'.
16/5/2014 10:01: SMS sent to customer to advise.
16/5/2014 10:41: Item 'collected'
etc etc.

You should be able to view the special orders in certain ways. i.e. if I'm about to do an order from supplier A, I should be able to query the tool and ask it if there's anything from supplier A which needs ordering.

Likewise I should be able to for example query anything which is over 10 days old and not arrived. etc.

I actually have a few pictures I've made in PhotoShop which show how I would like the tool to operate. They are not in any way beautiful or 'designed' they are simply a wireframe.

Lastly customers should be able to login to the webapp via a seperate page and input a 5 or 6 character alphanumeric code such as "TF54K" to view any customer facing updates and leave a remark/comment there.

e.g www.shop.com/specials (customer facing login page)
e.g. www.shop.com/stafflogin (staff-facing login page)

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