Board Game Art (Sci-Fi)
August 24, 2014 8:50 AM

I have a board game in beta, set to kickstart sometime between February and April of next year. I need an artist to help me out. I will need to buy several pieces of art to use during the campaign (budget of a few hundred dollars). After the game is fully funded, I can get the game fully illustrated. The game will require ~120 card sized (~2.5"X1.5") pieces of art, in addition to some box art, and other larger drawings for other components.

The game is a highly asymmetrical political semi-co-op with a sci-fi setting. There are lots of great board games about winning elections (1960, Die Macher, Tammany Hall), but not a lot about what happens next; trying to rule together for the common good while having radically different agendas. This game is about 6 very different species that have varying designs for the galaxy, and how they manage to get along without destroying everything (or not). Plenty of information about the game, including current play-testing materials, available upon request.

As said above, I'm looking for a few hundred dollars in art now. After the kickstarter, I'm looking for something like $50/card + the other art. That puts the post-funding total at roughly $7000. This is negotiable.

payscale: ~$7000
job type: contract
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