Graphic designer for an iPhone app
April 28, 2014 4:31 PM

I'm looking for an expert designer to work on icon, iTunes banner, BarButtonItem Icons, screen design for an iOS 7 iPhone application. Candidate must be able to design project to be marketable to large distributional use.

Graphics include a main screen with a list of chats, a splash screen, a key generator screen (which shows a rotating gear and a countdown time clock which is when the generated key expires), a screen where you add a person by entering the other person's generated key, a settings screen, a help screen, a small info popup bubble that can appear on screen at any time (replacement for UIAlertView), the individual messaging screen where you message someone and get back messages in it (and show sending a photo as well or a song), and an icon (in multiple dimensions). Designs would preferably be 3.5"/4" iPhone scalable.

payscale: $1000 for the project (negotiable)
job type: contract
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