I need a personal/portfolio site
April 29, 2013 8:11 PM

Hi, I work as a writer and editor and 'm looking to get a website built so potential employers can see my work and resume/CV.

A little more information: I don't need my site to be real fancy, just clean, professional and easy for people to see what I have done.

I would need a homepage that connects to downloadable CV access (click here for) and three other areas/pages: one for journalism work samples, one for corporate/technical samples and one for ecommerce samples. I would need for those files to be downloadable, too.

I am not a designer, but a thought that the samples pages might have to have short descriptions of the work samples (that I would write) and small images that can be clicked on so visitors can read and download the things I have written. In my line of work, it is essential that people be able to download the files.

I'd be grateful if people could let me know what they think, share estimates of time and costs and if possible, access to their portfolios. Thanks! Oh, I have no idea what would be reasonable to pay for something like this, hope you can let me know.

payscale: 100000000000000
job type: contract
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