Web designer capable of implementing in a Django environment
January 23, 2013 5:38 PM

Over the past two years, a Django programmer and I have built a pretty great Web site that I think has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, neither of us have design skills to speak of.

The programmer has pulled back from the project due to health issues, and I'm left with a great idea, a butt-ugly site, and neither the skill to design a better version, or to implement that design in a Django environment. So I'm looking for 80% designer, 20% Django-savvy person.

I've got a great handle on what's needed, and a very detailed set of needs and parameters -- clarity won't be an issue. It would take a 10-minute Skype session to tour the site and show the designer what's needed, however -- many of the site elements that need work can only be seen/experienced through use.

I'm looking to gather a few quotes and then hire somebody in the next month or so. MeMail me, or mail me directly, and I can send you the detailed brief; if that looks good, we can set up the Skype tour.

payscale: Accepting quotes
job type: contract
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