Storyboard/Comic book artist
December 6, 2011 9:55 AM

I need a competent, quick working storyboard or comic book artist to produce approximately 50-60 frames of storyboard, which will be used to construct a 10-minute teaser DVD to pitch a movie I will direct. The film is neo-noir and I'm looking for artwork in the style of SLEEPER, A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and similar graphic novels. It doesn't have to be highly finished (ie inked or coloured) but it does need to be dynamic and gritty. You'll be working from a detailed script which I will supply. I'll need the artwork by early January and we will have to do some character concepts first.

I have about $1500 of my own money to spend on this so we'll need to calibrate the quality of the artwork to the time and money available. I have realistic expectations (I've done this before with other professional artists).

In the first instance all I need to see is some relevant examples of your work - if it lights my candle we can take it from there. Emphasis on relevant -- it needs to be storyboard or graphic novel style.

The DVD will be going to A-list Hollywood producers and talent and obviously if everything works out there's a chance of a lot more work.


payscale: $2000 absolute max for the whole shebang.
job type: contract
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This job has been filled.

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