Fairrly basic website needed
October 28, 2011 3:22 PM

Hi, I'd like to get a site together and hosted so I can provide a link to potential employers and provide online access to my resume and some writing samples. (The resume is a Word doc and .pdf and the samples are .pdf files.) My sense is that with a homepage and pages for the documents, it would total about 10 pages. Oh, I don't have a URL registered.

I'm near San Francisco, would prefer to work with someone I could meet, interact with a little bit and pay in-person, but I am flexible.

In terms of design, I'd like a little more than just words on a page, though nothing extravagant, with Flash, etc. I've a thought or two about what might look decent, would welcome input. I'm not real focused on design, just don't want it to look grim or unprofessional. On that front, I've interacted with too many people who relate that something's not what they want, but they don't know what they do want... so I wouldn't do that.

Ideally, the site would be easy for me to update; I'm generally not clueless when it comes to doing computer things, but I'm far from a wizard.

In terms of pay, things look to be all over the place so I feel like I'm guessing at what's fair and reasonable. I've seen ads on craigslist offering to do this sort of thing for $100, several times that and most points in between. (And lets not talk about Odesk.) I'm not looking to nickle-and-dime someone, try to take advantage of someone's serious need and pay something we both know is pathetic.

I've probably forgotten a relevant detail or two so feel free to ask if I have; my apologies for that.

payscale: $250?
job type: contract
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