MetaFilter Steering Committee Self-Nominations Open
July 25, 2022 12:37 PM

📬 Hello there! 📩
The Metafilter Transition Team (TT) is pleased to announce that self nominations are open for the inaugural Steering Committee! The purpose of the MetaFilter Steering Committee (SC) will be to develop and implement site policy, code updates, and ensure the financial health of the site. The SC works with the site staff and site owner to ensure that there is not a single failure point for site decisions or actions, and that there are an adequate number of people available to respond to community needs. Long story short this will be a committee of Metafilter members who help guide the site and act as the voice of the members at large.
Interested? Come on over to MetaTalk and read all the details!

payscale: Volunteer
job type: volunteer
posted by Brandon Blatcher to Et cetera

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