I'll pay you to tell me how you do money
April 23, 2019 11:46 AM

I'm a user researcher in financial services, and I have a constant need for people who want to talk about how they manage their money or their business's money. If you meet our criteria for a study and are able to participate, we'll pay you for your time. Here's how to get into the pool: https://s2.userzoom.com/m/MiBDNTUxM1MxMzAg

Money's a sensitive subject for a lot of people, and some of us have feelings about it, which makes your participation even more valuable. We're particularly interested in talking to POC, small business owners, private banking or wealth management customers, people who are willing to let us see their budgeting spreadsheets, or all of the above! Some topics we've recently had discussions about include:

  • Overdrafts, overdraft protection, and insufficient funds

  • How do you budget?

  • Card sorts and other information-organization exercises

You are welcome to use a pseudonym if you like! We definitely won't refer to you by your full name (unless you specifically ask us to, I guess.) We may not need you now, but we'll hold onto your info for any future needs. For more, email me at the below, or fill out this form right here.

payscale: ~$50/hr+
job type: contract
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