Editor/Curator for new book by bestselling author
July 24, 2010 8:25 AM

I’m looking to hire someone to play a unique role in my next book.

The plan is to self-publish a collection of my best writings to date, from essays, to blog posts (see www.scottberkun.com), to magazine articles. But the goal is to avoid the traps of most “blog posts in a bundle” books – which usually stink. They’re not edited or curated well enough to work as a book. We will do much better than this.

I’m hiring an editor who will act as a both a project leader and collaborator. You'll both drive the self-publishing process, but also help curate: which essays to use? How should they be organized?

This is a rare opportunity for a kick-ass editor to have real influence on a book. You will both help craft the themes, suggest some new content for me to write, and then passionately drive it through the publishing process, from copyedits, to reviews, all the way to fruition, with no bureaucracy: it’s just me, you and a few other hand-picked people we choose.

Here are the responsibilities:

* Drive the curation and organization of the book
* Be the main leader for the self-publishing process: you are the PM
* Suggest and provoke me to write new material if needed
* Partner with a graphic/book designer on the cover, and interior design
* Use the readers of scottberkun.com to help drive some choices
* lead a team of volunteer copy-editors / indexers / etc.

Here are the rewards:

* I’d pay you a flat fee. Won’t be much, but it will be something.
* You’ll get your name on the cover of the book – a super-duper credit for your resume
* If you’re a fan, you’ll get a unique opportunity to define one of my books
* More influence over a book then you will ever have


* You have experience with books and/or self-publishing
* You’ve always wanted to contribute to a beautiful, well-crafted, book that defies convention in favor of smart, clever ideas for book design
* You are really fucking smart
* You are really fucking funny/sarcastic
* You are not offended by the word fuck
* You are organized, self-directed, and can lead a project with many parts
* You are psyched about this for reasons other than money
* Bonus points for being a fan, or being familiar with my writings

payscale: TBD
job type: contract
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This job has been filled.

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