Web Developer- PHP and MediaWiki (revised)
December 2, 2009 8:32 AM

We are looking for a freelance web developer with expertise in PHP and MediaWiki for part-time, from-home work. Compensation would be about $1000/month. The amount of time involved would be subject to negotiation, but it would likely range from 5-15 hours/week, depending on the developer's level of expertise.

The developer would be working alone on an established, content-rich website that already has significant prominence.

*Please note that a previous version of this ad requested that applicants be in Southern California for meetings in-person. That requirement has been dropped, and the position is now open to qualified applicants regardless of location.

Interested parties should email php_wiki.20.waverleo@xoxy.net
Please include a resume and cover letter. Please do not send MeFi mail in response to this ad since it may not be checked quickly.

payscale: $1000/mo
job type: part-time
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