Book designer
September 2, 2009 2:57 AM

I am preparing an instruction manual (woodblock printmaking) and will be publishing it myself (in eBook format) and distributing from my own website. It will be in a Rich Media pdf format, containing both audio and video components, in addition to traditional text w/photos content.

I have the book roughed out, and 'dummied' in InDesign, and have now begun to prepare the media files. Preparing the content itself is no problem - but the design is a different story. I'm not a complete turkey at that, so what I have done so far is 'acceptable', but when seen objectively, it's really not very good.

So if you are a book designer, or have skills in that area, and are willing to ... (here comes the catch) ... work on a barter basis (for some of my woodblock prints), perhaps we can do something together?

I'll be doing all the layout/production myself, so you won't need to be concerned about that; what I need are interesting (and effective) design ideas.

If you're interested, write to me via the address below; I'll send you a link to the pdf version of what I have produced so far, and we'll see if there is a way to move forward with this. As for the prints you could receive, check my profile for links to what's available.

Thanks for any interest ...

payscale: barter arrangement
job type: part-time
posted by woodblock100 to Art/Media/Design

This job has been filled.

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