Web designer at The Wichita Eagle
January 17, 2008 9:04 AM

The job:

* Plan and execute an industry-leading redesign of Kansas' top news Web site.
* Work daily with nationally recognized reporters, photographers and editors to showcase their work online.
* Regularly design special projects and new products, limited only by imagination.


* Fluent in XHTML and CSS.
* Competent in Photoshop, Javascript and some flavor of templating.
* Experienced in designing Web sites marked by standards-based technique, interactivity, accessibility and a sophisticated aesthetic.
* Fun, creative - a team player.

Job Perks:

Competitive salary. Excellent benefits. Potential bonuses. Training opportunities. Assistance with relocation to Wichita, which is "a lot hipper than ... expected - a little arty" (Fast Company, November 2007).

Kansas.com is the Web site of The Wichita Eagle, Kansas' biggest newspaper, in Kansas' biggest city, often cited as one of the most affordable and livable places in the country.

Apply: Visit http://www.kansas.com/ourjobs/ for more information and to apply.

(I'm not in charge of hiring for this job -- I'd be a teammate. Use the "apply to" email address to apply. I can answer some questions about work environment, etc., but not about pay or benefits. My email address is on my profile.)

payscale: Negotiable
job type: full-time
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