Documentation Work Flow Specialist, DNS/DHCP/ENUM
August 28, 2006 9:13 AM

Nominum, a global provider of ENUM-based IP-Application Routing Directory, DNS, and DHCP solutions, is seeking a specialist in documentation work flow for a contract position in Redwood City, California.

The contractor will work with Nominum's technical documentation team and engineering staff on a specific project to define and implement a methodology to create a work flow that takes advantage of a single documentation source from which multiple destination formats are programmatically generated.

The position will be responsible for:
  • Defining a documentation input format, taking into account work already existing at Nominum, but not constrained to that format.
  • Defining the steps required to take text from input to desired destination formats.
  • Identifying suitable tools for assisting in the work flow so that manual intervention is limited.
  • If necessary, implementing tools to accomplish intervening format conversion steps.
The input format will be defined by the contractor. The output formats must
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • text
The output must include indices and tables of contents for longer documentation collections. Ability to combine files from different sources into one final output is desired (such as, a file shared by many destination documents combined with files unique to the destination, or files from different source trees combined into one destination document).

Input format must not require a proprietary tool; something based on ASCII text is required. Input will be created on a variety of platforms and OSs. Tools for generating output can be either Unix- or Windows-based.

This contract is expected to last from one to three months.

Be prepared to provide access (online access preferred) to a portfolio of recent work.

scrump's handy crib notes:
  • This is so not an entry-level thing. Be a ninja. We're really smart people, and we couldn't figure this out.
  • We don't need theory: have boots-on-the-ground experience implementing this sort of thing, preferably several times.
  • Expect to have your work scrutinized by our exceedingly picky and smart engineers.
  • The solution must accomodate our business processes. The converse ain't happening.
  • Please don't inflate your abilities. That way lies madness, and you really won't get the job.

payscale: DOE
job type: contract
posted by scrump to Writing/Editing

This job has been filled.

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