Transfering faculty profiles (~150) into a new format
July 8, 2022 5:52 AM

I'm leading a web redevelopment project, and will need help with the process of taking faculty profiles from the current website and converting them into a new format.

The process will be to work from a spreadsheet/checklist of faculty members, and:
- Take all information on the current web page (this is a typical profile, but there will be strong outliers on both the "much more" and "much less" information ends of the spectrum) and move it into a Word document that recategorizes the information into defined sections
- Flag content that doesn't fit well into the newly defined sections in both the Word docs and tracking spreadsheet
- Other commenting/annotations to let us know if there are other anomalies in the process
- Light editing in the "About" sections to ensure text conforms to our internal style guide
- Upload the Word documents to a Sharepoint folder we will create for this purpose

The budget is limited for this project; my best guess is that this would be about a 120-hour mandate (one hour per profile, on average, with some being very easy to do and others more difficult). I'm looking at CAD$20/hour as the pay rate.

The above is subject to modest change; I'll be connecting the incumbent with our internal content manager, and there may be some light adjustment on the fly if something about this process proves to be iffy.

Experience in science writing / the sciences is a plus but not mandatory; familiarity with academia is also a plus but not mandatory. Attention to detail and the ability to apply some lateral thinking in categorizing information will be the key attributes.

payscale: CAD$20/hr
job type: contract
posted by Shepherd to Writing/Editing

This job has been filled.

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