Greasemonkey (or other) script to enable downloads
November 21, 2021 9:37 AM

I need a basic Greasemonkey script (or browser extension/add-on for any Mac browser but would prefer Firefox) to facilitate simpler downloads of materials for a job I do.
I get links in this format:
I need them turned into this format which I'd like available with a download button (not right-click/save-as) somehow:
This involves four steps 1) changing details into download 2) removing the extra junk, which varies but always starts with page if it's there, at the end of the URL 3) duplicating the last part and slapping PDF on the end of it 4) download button. Will send details about specific site URLs; this is all above board and OK with the site owner.

payscale: $50
job type: contract
posted by jessamyn to Et cetera

This job has been filled.

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