Graphic Design for iOS App
February 19, 2016 7:06 AM

Yesterday I started building an iOS app and I have limited design skills. I'm looking for a design student or similar who would be interested in helping me design the app. I have a clear sense of what the app should do and how it will do it, and I have/will have storyboarded the flow of the app. I'll want them to establish a look and feel for the app, create images where necessary, and otherwise help the app look its best.

Here's a link to the fresh github repo, which I'll be updating most weekdays:
Here's a dropbox link to the storyboard I've created so far, which I'll update as I add views and make changes.

About me: I'm a midcareer developer with significant mobile experience, but exclusively on web apps. I'm taking a few months off before I hike the Pacific Crest Trail during most of 2016. I'd like to finish the app by April 15th.
I'm building this app because:
1) I want to learn Swift
2) I'm genuinely interested in using it; I'd like to figure out which Beatles songs are my favorites, etc. (see readme in the repo)
3) "Here's the technical thing that I did during my time off, future employer!"

I do expect to put the app in the iTunes store, but I expect to put it in for free. Naturally you will be credited for your efforts, and I'll keep the source code publicly available so that you can show it off. This would be a good opportunity for a designer just starting out to work with a more experienced technical professional. If you're excited about working on it and the difference between working on it and not is a little money to make it a paid gig, I can make that happen. I'm in Seattle; if you're remote, that's totally cool.

payscale: free or minimal
job type: volunteer
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