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September 30, 2015 2:13 PM

PlaGMaDA, The Play Generated Map and Document Archive, is an all volunteer organization that aims to collect and preserve the ephemera of tabletop role playing games.

To this end, we have an ongoing relationship with the Strong National Museum of Play to house our archival materials physically. However, responsibility for making archival materials available digitally falls on our shoulders. Our current digital gallery is in need of a complete overhaul and revamp. Our hope is to create an online archive that can house our materials with scans of archival quality resolution and integrated with an archival database (we've looked at Omeka).

I had hoped to build a solution that integrated some sort of cloud storage with a front end like wordpress or blogger that would work for this, but foundered on it due to time considerations and my lack of experience as a web integrator and designer (I'm a back end unix guy).

So, PlaGMaDA is now seeking volunteers to help push forward with a site migration for our current digital assets to a more robust solution that will be able to handle future growth for files scanned at archival quality. I will be coordinating the project and will be happy for any sort of help offered. Ultimately, we'd like to get a solution that makes it easy for those of us who accept materials for the archive to upload scans and which can (in theory) be relatively easy to migrate from in the future.

Tasks we need help with include:

o Identifying and setting up an image store solution (google? flickr?) that can provide relatively cheap storage (starting out at around 32 GB and growing from there) that can be easily integrated with a front end gallery blog.

o Identifying and setting up a front end to present our digital archives to the public. Ideally, this would include integration with Omeka, but our need to migrate from our current setup is such that we'd be OK with just figuring out Blogger or WordPress setup for the short term that pulled from the image store solution we come up with.

o Integration with Omeka

o Saving the existing data and metadata that's currently extant (such as it is*) on the current site and migrating that with the images.

If you're interested, you can contact me letting me know what portion or portions of this project you'd be up for helping with. Please include a resume or CV. Portfolios would also be welcome.

Thank you!

* Currently it's just file names and captions associated with gallery images.

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