T Shirt Production Artist
July 16, 2015 10:02 AM

80% Production, 20% Graphic Design

Knowledge & Experience:
Must know how to use: Adobe Illustrator (or similar Vector drawing program) / Photoshop / Mac OS
Very desirable: Macromedia Freehand
Bonus points: InDesign / understanding of the silkscreening process

Work customer's digital art to production specs.
Design art from customer’s idea scribbled on a beer coaster.
Work with a diversified sales team. Usually all at the same time.
Follow instructions until they make no sense at all.
Scrupulous attention to detail.
Handle copious amounts of stress during the busy seasons.

Tips to Get By:
Cool under fire. Must like Classic Rock.

Three sentences that best describe this position:
1) Baptism by fire
2) What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
3) There’s no crying in silkscreening.

payscale: Entry Level Position
job type: full-time
posted by a humble nudibranch to Art/Media/Design

This job has been filled.

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