Bring me pretzels from Philly to NYC!
February 15, 2013 10:15 PM

Are you traveling from Philadelphia to NYC anyway sometime in the next few months? If so, can you pick me up a box (50 or whatever they sell that's approximately that many) of real Philadelphia soft pretzels -- Federal, or Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Factory, or equivalent? Obviously, they need to be fresh -- as in, purchased the day they're brought. I can meet you at Penn Station or Port Authority or something (or you can drop them by my place in Prospect Heights, if you happen to be in the neighborhood).

Then I will stick them in my freezer and eat one every day. I will pay you for back for the cost of the pretzels, plus $30.

(Yes, I could probably order some over the Internet, but then they would arrive via next-day air and thus be less fresh)

payscale: $30
job type: contract
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