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July 26, 2012 2:17 PM

A fast growing and profitable online telecom company with over 10,000 customers using our two very popular consumer call recording products. The IVR for the telecom part of our product is based on integration with the Twilio API and that integrates with our MySql database and customer dashboard web application built with PHP with JQuery.

With a very solid internet marketing presence and army of loyal affiliates, our products are in wide use throughout the United States and we are on the verge of re-launching with additional and added functionality to reach an international audience. There are at least two more products in the pipeline that we would like to develop and launch within 6 months.

We are looking for a full time web developer to take over all programming and IT duties for our company. The ideal candidate should possess a core competency in PHP, MySQl, HTML/XHTML, XML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript. Experience with the Twilio API, Web design, SEO and Mobile Application development would be ideal. EXCELLENT English is a MUST!

Responsibilities would include but are not limited to:

-Support, maintain and optimize existing systems
-Manage all technical aspects of new product development and deployment
-Research cost effective and better practices
-Respond promptly and professionally to bug reports
-Prioritize and manage multiple projects at a time
-Document code consistently throughout the development process
-Utilize Google analytics/optimizer to improve UI and increase conversions
-Love to learn, try new things and have fun making an impact on the world

Our team is a young, ambitious and hard working group that is excited at the opportunities that lay ahead of us. Our web developer will also take part in all strategy meetings and be involved in day to day decision making, giving them a major influence on the direction of our enterprise.

Please be flexible, able to wear many hats, have a great sense of humor and a burning desire to win. Our office is in Paramus, NJ but we are open to telecommuting arrangements. If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume and salary requirements to openingfordeveloper AT gmail DOT com.

payscale: compensation commensurate with experience
job type: full-time
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