Junior Front-End Web Producer
January 8, 2007 11:11 AM

Are you a junior front-end Web producer with a passion for standards-based development and customer service?

Want to work with app developers who care about semantic markup?
Wish your boss could appreciate your decision to use a DL instead of a UL?
Enjoy satisfying a customer as much as creating valid code?
Then let's talk.

Our talented Web producers, app developers, content managers and "user advocates" have great attitudes and actually like each other. We work in .NET, but we don't drink the Microsoft Kool-Aid.

Yes, this is a large corporation -- where you sit in a cube and only wear jeans on special occasions. Sometimes we see Dilbert walk past us, but we manage not to break into hives. We like to think we have the mindset of an agency and the benefits of a corporation. And where else do you get the opportunity to work on the largest intranet IN THE WORLD -- the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) account at EDS. You won't find a challenge of this scope or complexity anywhere else.

Curious? Contact Andrew -- the hiring manager -- at andrew.shearer [at] eds.com or 972-797-9196 and let's find out if we can help each other.

payscale: Ask Andrew
job type: full-time
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