Indo-Fijian Internet Conversation Translation to English
December 11, 2011 5:12 PM

Looking for someone or a service that can translate very slang and internet lingo ridden Indo-Fajian (Fajian-Hindi) into English.

I have about 5-7 pages of an internet convo that I need translated. it is a colloquial mix of English, Fijian-Hindi, and possibly Fijian as well as slang, and internet abbreviations. Mostly short 3-5 word sentences.

I would like a line by line translation, but even if you could just look at it and give me a jist of what was said that would be helpful. Perhaps if you just know standard Hindi internet slang?

I am wiling to pay a reasonable sum for this, especially if there is a line by line translation. PM me for details and I can send you the .RTF I have it on.

payscale: Negotiable
job type: contract
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