2-5 hours of statistics (multinomial logistic regressions using R) tutoring over Skype (or UK phone)
January 12, 2013 1:49 AM

I am a sociolinguist working on a quantitative analysis of language preferences by MeFites for my PhD dissertation. I've been using Andy Field's book Discovering Statistics Using R, to learn about multinomial logistic regressions. I could use a few hours of statistics help (~2 hours initially and more over the next two weeks) in answering some very specific questions about my data and these statistical tests, as well as my interpretations of the results (or the errors I'm getting instead of results).

You would not be doing my work for me in any way...I cannot stress that enough! This is guidance towards understanding statistics better and a sanity check on how I'm proposing to go about (or have gone about) things. I have done a lot of reading on statistics and have made several attempts in logistic regressions -- I'm more than willing to do any additional work on my own, as I really want to understand this stuff! I'm at a bit of an impasse right now though, and could use to talk it through and listen to some fresh ideas, advice, etc.

I am advertising this on MetaFilter because you have all helped me in the past in so many ways, and a MeFite would be well familiar with MetaFilter which makes it easier to understand the project and focus on the stats. I can Paypal you £10 or £16 per hour, whichever you prefer. Experience with using the R environment is not absolutely necessary, but understanding of multinomial logistic regressions (and likelihood ratios, odds ratios, test diagnostics, etc.) is a must. Thanks!

payscale: £10 or $16 per hour
job type: contract
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