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October 23, 2019 1:44 PM

Cornell University seeks a Backend Python Developer to join a distributed team building arXiv’s next generation (“NG”) system and maintaining the service’s daily operations. arXiv is the premier open access platform serving scientists in physics, mathematics, computer science, and other disciplines. For over 25 years, arXiv has enabled scientists to rapidly disseminate their papers within their scientific communities. Around the world, arXiv is recognized as an essential resource for the scientists that it serves. As a member of a broader team that is passionate about arXiv’s mission and legacy, the incumbent will also be part of a supportive work culture that places high value on inclusivity, team-work, collegiality and work-life balance.

As a Backend Python Developer, you will be responsible for designing, coding, testing, documenting, and debugging highly complex applications and APIs (mostly implemented in Python/Flask), including but not limited to those that control the infrastructure and configurations that form the backbone of the arXiv platform. You will collaborate closely with team members on the design and implementation of applications, configurations, and workflows to test, deploy, monitor, and scale the arXiv system, and participate in code review, planning, and retrospectives. A strong orientation towards site security and data protection are a big plus.

payscale: $89k to $120k
job type: full-time
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