February 2009 Archives (all archives)

February 23

Graphic Designer / Production Artist
posted by Optimus Chyme to Art/Media/Design at 7:30 PM PST - details

February 21

t-shirt design
posted by atchafalaya to Art/Media/Design at 8:51 AM PST - details

February 20

iPhone app - contract gig.
posted by Salmonberry to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 6:59 PM PST - details

February 19

Mac OS X-centric Web Application Developer
posted by dvorak_beats_qwerty to Web/HTML/Info Design at 4:28 PM PST - details

February 17

short freelance copywriting gig
posted by ontherecord to Writing/Editing at 3:01 AM PST - details

February 16

Web Front-end Ninja
posted by deCadmus to Web/HTML/Info Design at 9:10 PM PST - details

February 7

Database Librarian
posted by laura_carter to Systems/Networking at 6:23 AM PST - details

February 4

Web Presence and Marketing Help Needed for Soon-to-be TV Personality
posted by thinkpiece to Marketing/Advertising/PR at 9:38 AM PST - details

February 3

Web design agency sought by NYC nonprofit
posted by mark7570 to Web/HTML/Info Design at 9:58 AM PST - details

February 2

Designer needed to tweak OS Commerce
posted by seeminglyshy to Web/HTML/Info Design at 8:20 PM PST - details