Google Analytics help needed
March 28, 2011 3:33 PM

We're looking for someone to help set up Google Analytics properly on our ecommerce website. The basic stats are working fine but we'd like the following implemented or fixed:

1) The checkout completion funnel/goals don't appear to work (doesn't register as completed inside of Google Analytics.) Though Ecommerce stats appear to work fine.

2) Any Adwords/Analytics integration for tracking our Adwords performance.

We're open to suggestions for further optimization and improvement as well. We'd like to get a better handle on conversions as well as checkout/cart abandonment, we're hoping to do some A/B testing soon on the checkout process and we'd also like to know what email and Adwords campaigns are effective in driving sales.

The site runs on ZenMagic so likely you'd be advising the web programmer on what changes to make in the Javascript (unless you feel comfortable with ZenMagick).

payscale: $50-$500
job type: contract
posted by frenetic to Web/HTML/Info Design

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