Customize a WordPress Theme -- Quickly.
June 7, 2010 5:44 PM

This is a one-time gig that could well result in more-time gigs if all goes well. I'm at the moment coming off a bad Elance experience with a deadline to meet, so while I normally have the luxury of time and graciousness, right now, I'm in a gigantic hurry. I'm looking for someone who can get to work right away and stay with me til this is done.

The project:
I have purchased a WordPress-as-CMS theme from Graph Paper Press, for use in a web site for a small music publishing company. The theme has almost everything, tech-wise, I need, but cosmetic changes need to be made: background color needs to be changed, some elements on the page and in the menu need to be rearranged, my graphics need to be inserted for the header and footer, wpaudioplayer needs to be placed. The main issue is, the theme works like the site these guys want, but it looks a little too slick.

I need someone who can answer questions for me such as, "Can I make custom graphics for the dates on the blog posts? If so, what size ought they be?" I might ask some stupid questions, as well. I'm okay with being told they're stupid. I'm still learning all about WP. I'm also having some trouble picturing how to get page elements where they belong, so I'd appreciate someone who'll rearrange a little bit. Not a lot, I promise.

You are NOT required to do any sort of graphic work, content work, continuing tech support, or anything like that.

Can you show me a bit of work you've done before? Are you available to start right away and can you work fast? How much do tweaks annoy you? Are you very communicative? I'd like to get rid of the ulcer I've developed over this project.

If all goes well, this should be done within the week and pay a few hundred bucks. Please send me your terms, and if you're someone special, tell me why.

payscale: $300
job type: contract
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This job has been filled.

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