Web developer to install shopping cart on record label website
November 9, 2009 10:06 AM

Dreamboat Records, home to music by a bunch of folk and electronic acts from the UK and a couple of indie film soundtracks, is looking for someone to replace our rather unprofessional and fiddly Paypal-based shopping cart with something more modern, user-friendly (for both customer and order picker), and (probably) self-hosted.

Our main goal with this upgrade is to make it more straightforward to pick and ship orders, and audit sales afterward. At the moment, our total dependence on the Paypal interface (as well as its payment processing) makes that a pain.

For the time being, we're happy to continue to process the credit card payments themselves with Paypal, but suggestions of alternative payment gateways — that will work for a company that is based in the UK but accepts payments from worldwide — are very welcome. Keep in mind that we need to audit both total revenue and revenue after the payment company takes their fee. In general this varies from transaction to transaction in a non-trivial way, so I'm hoping payment gatways report both numbers.

Our website is hosted on a Mediatemple Gridserver, which will give you an idea of what it is capable of, but I'm happy to answer specific questions about the technical parameters. We're told that Ubercart/Drupal/Python and ActiveMerchant/Rails/Ruby are the preferred way of doing things these days, but perhaps you know better. Our needs seem fairly standard, so this should just be a case of installing something, integrating it with a payment gateway, and perhaps setting up an example product or two so I can take it from there.

We'd love to get this done before the end of the year.

[This position was previously advertised on MeFi in a rather different form (involving authorized MP3 downloads). We ran out of time to set that up for the project we needed it for, and went with a pre-rolled solution.]

payscale: Negotiable (we're thinking up to GBP300/USD500 for the right person, but let us know if you think you're worth more)
job type: contract
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