Freelance Javascript Developer (Short-Term, ASAP)
October 11, 2008 2:59 PM

The project is essentially Yet Another CMS, but it's a take that we haven't seen explored to its logical conclusion elsewhere yet. We need an experienced helping hand to help push us over the finish line (Fred Brooks be damned). There's potential to evolve into ongoing work if we're successful with the prototype.

We're looking for someone who:

* is proficient with jQuery
* has worked with in-browser richtext editors before
* has solid broad knowledge of Javascript
* is proficient with at least one other language
* is available _immediately_ up to at least 10 hours a week
* digests existing code reasonably quickly

Bonus points:

* PHP 4 and 5
* 3+ years of web application development
* _likes_ Javascript, knows the "Good Parts"
* XPath and CSS
* Recently coded something just out of sheer personal interest
* A dash of iconoclasm
* Knowledge of some real Computer Science
* Good writing and teaching skills
* familiar with internals of WYMEditor (or other nice in-browser richtext editor)
* familiar with internals of jQuery

Please send a resume and/or a short letter highlighting experience with any of the above, and if possible, a code sample or two.

payscale: DOE and location
job type: contract
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