One-off PHP/MySQL dev job
January 28, 2008 3:32 PM

Looking for a price on a PHP development: a web-based song library manager/catalog.

Database should contain song titles, and information about each one (artist, album it appears on, trivia, one or more custom fields). Separate (linked) table for artists, to allow artist-specific trivia. Songs must be able to be assigned to user-defined categories (each song will appear in only one category).

User must be able to add songs one-at-a-time through an intuitive web interface, or batch upload through a tab-delimited file.

User must also be able to easily move songs from one category to another - perhaps drag-and-drop/Ajax? Perhaps lists with check boxes and "Move To ___" buttons? I'm open - I just want it to be extremely intuitive, so that virtually no documentation is necessary.

Administrative area needs to be password-protected (through a web form, not a simple htaccess lock). There also needs to be a public-facing display that allows users to browse the contents of the catalog without being able to make changes.

Database must allow for multiple users, preferably in the same MySQL database.

Please contact me via MeFi Mail with questions or with a price quote and estimated turnaround time. Thanks much!

payscale: negotiable
job type: contract
posted by jbickers to Internet Engineering

This job has been filled.

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