Witty Metafilter Writers - need a gig (and not a scam)?
July 27, 2007 8:21 AM

My fast-growing startup is looking for part-time content writers immediately. The content in question usually takes the form of short blurbs, quips and fascinating facts in a variety of categories, presented in a compelling and humorous way. The job is fun, the schedule is flexible, and the pay is great, but we are very picky. We need exactly the right combination of wit, warmth, intelligence, and curiosity (ie perfect for MeFites), as well as the ability to spell and proofread your own writing against firm deadlines. Time required will vary from 2-10 hours per week, depending on your skill and areas of interest. Needless to say, this position requires reliable Internet access. Of course there's always [more inside], but to get the ball rolling, send your resume and/or writing samples (yes, blog postings count) in an email to coolwritingjob@gmail.com. Put subject line "metafilter" so I know who you are.

payscale: tbd
job type: part-time
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This job has been filled.

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