Movable Type Expert Needed
July 8, 2007 1:55 PM

I need someone who knows movable type like the back of their hand and can write me out step by step instructions for simple movable type questions, such as: If I use a three-column template from ... how do I customize the right-hand column so that I can toss my html code into that column? Or exactly what do I click if using SmartFtp? They have what looks like a great visual tutorial, but by step #2 the visual is different from what I downloaded and the tutorial is just speeding along!

I have reached a point where I would rather look stupid and pay someone to stop me rather than just keep being stupid with no end in sight!

So! I'd like to be able to email you simple questions like that from time to time and know that you will have the right answer easily.

There are other programs whose help files frustrated me, although I "get it" quite easily once someone shows me ... so a big plus would be if you felt confident that you could read the manual on other, unfamiliar, software programs and extract the answers for me as well. I think they'll usually all be "duh!" questions like the example.

As for pay, I'm open to your suggestions, but think being able to pay you via paypal, per question or time period or page or whatever would work best. Thanks for reading!

payscale: whatever works
job type: part-time
posted by thewhynotgirl to Technical Support

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