Are you a professional woman, aged 30-55, who has experienced hiring discrimination? Tell me your story.
July 14, 2018 11:44 PM

Did you lose your job at some point, and then have significant trouble getting another one? Do you have similarly qualified male peers who seemed to get hired more easily? Are you getting fewer interviews than you used to despite being up-to-date and well-qualified in your field? Are you finding that hiring managers in your industry are typically younger than you? Are you seeing your exact job description in advertisements aimed at people with only a few years of experience? Have you ever been to an interview and had a hiring manager try to talk you out of the job? What age were you when this first happened, and why do you think age played a definitive role?

I’m writing an article on U.S.-based white-collar women, with a college or master’s degree, and a professional background who experienced hiring discrimination between the ages of 30-55, with no other complicating factors (i.e. any other protected status that falls under EEOC guidelines).

To share your story, please include your full name, phone number, age, occupation and a sentence or two describing your professional qualifications, as well as details as to what happened, what you did about it, and why you think age was such an important factor. Feel free to let me know if you prefer not to use your real name in print, or if you need to mask other details. Send stories and questions to:

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