In Pursuit of Porphyrellus
November 2, 2017 1:01 PM

My friend is doing her thesis on porphyrellus mushrooms in CA/OR/WA, and she needs enough of these from different sites to be able to reach conclusions. She's got all the mushroom hunting clubs clued in to look for 'em already, but I thought I might catch a few stray mushroom hunters on Metafilter.

It's an uncommon brown-topped bolete with a brown ... whatever you call the stem, and brown pores. It's not glamorous for any reason. When we went out hunting, I thought we seemed to be finding it near the boletes with the brown tops, yellow pores, and red ... whatever you call the stem. Grows near spruce, is mycorrhizal. Seemed like maybe it grew near those ferny-looking mosses?

I can put you in touch with her if you want to hunt for these out of the goodness of your heart, or if you've found some and want to send 'em to her.

payscale: people might stop saying "there's a thesis in that" about this particular topic
job type: volunteer
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