looking for an emergency volunteer pet sitter or 2
July 1, 2017 10:14 PM

I suddenly have to move to temporary housing and I'm unable to take my dog or my cat to where I'll be staying. I am requesting someone to temporarily home my pets for 2 months. I can supply food and toys for both and a kitty box and litter. They don't need to stay together and can go to 2 different households.

We're in NW Houston but I'd be grateful for any help in the Houston area.

There are complications.

My Biscuit dog is great with our family and is a great friend but hasn't been around other dogs and will nip at people he doesn't know if they try to pet him. He's fixed and had shots until he was 2 but he's not current. He's 5 and prefers to be outside and loves frisbees. He's 35 lbs, about knee-high but has a big, long body.

My Bunny cat is indoor only, about 8 months old, not neutered yet, hasn't had shots yet. He loves to play fetch and he's a frisky guy.

They're both great friends and super sweet and a lot of fun.

payscale: $0
job type: volunteer
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