Business Manager/CEO/Co-founder type
June 16, 2017 9:37 AM

What I am good at: making money, creativity, coming up with ideas, cooperating with like-minded people, agreeing to cooperative economic models with aligned interests

What I'm not as good at and looking for in a business partner: organization, focus, implementation, consistent drive, day to day operations, etc.


So I have money and (if these trends continue!) will continue to have more. What I want to do is spend that money in interesting ways, founding companies, buying into and or buying out interesting small companies, exploring ideas whether or not they'll be profitable, financing the sci-fi future, accelerating towards a world past limited resource issues, financing interesting creative work (movies, film, games), etc, etc, etc. If that sounds like too much and too unfocused than you aren't the person I'm looking for! What I'm looking for is someone who can take these ideas and the money I'm putting behind them and run with them, who wants to get into the nitty gritty of it and be an effective counterweight to my weaknesses but with similar goals. This unlikely individual would need to cooperate with me and analyze these concepts to help get them started and move them into further stages where they run on mostly their own steam (maybe a venture production studio model? or some sort of hybrid?). This person should want to run and be involved in a diverse set of projects which will grow and change over time. I'm not just looking for someone to blindly execute my vision however, I want a collaborator as much as anything. If this all sounds a little vague it's because I realized that one of the greatest things about having the money to start my own project is that I don't need to pretend to be or want a company that isn't reflective of myself. What's the point of money if you aren't doing something interesting with it?

Want to talk? Know an ambitious friend with a head for business and flexibility to explore new models? I'd love to hear from you!

payscale: Co-founding/Negotiable (optimal fairness for all parties desired)
job type: full-time
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