Fundraising and Marketing Coaching for Teams
August 24, 2021 11:15 AM

My specific goal is to help charities and businesses achieve financial independence sooner and avoid having costly sales teams if possible. I work with teams of owners, employees and/or volunteers for 12 months or more to facilitate easy, lucrative and fun development goals and help reimagine the landscape of the customer. I only work teams and do not train solo marketing, fundraising or sales responsibilities.

In six months, I coached 8 volunteers at Central City Rollergirls to find the first shirt sponsor for a UK league outside London, secure a service level agreement to lead fitness classes for Birmingham City Council, and create a successful bootcamp.

For West Mercia Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre, in eight days, I wrote a winning grant to help 65 wait-listed children receive immediate support. That's not really coaching, but what a fun thing to do!

At Alan Nuttall, a shopfitting, manufacturing and refrigeration company, I worked from telemarketing into bid management, implementing and writing a plan for sales team staff and directors to finish PQQs in less than one day, massively expanding bid and proposal output. Through automating and optimising processes, I was able to positively influence the sales team to approach dream clients, winning new work such as Estee Lauder, Fat Face, Heathrow Airport totalling over £16 million in 8 months.

At InsightUK, a facility services company, I developed a sales plan to grow existing business clients through telemarketing and social media (LinkedIn) which facilated 1,300% growth and a preferred provider agreement in 12 months and doubling the next year.

I am an insured business growth advisor who supplies a coaching model focused on helping teams realise massive goals, see the big picture and plan stage-gated approaches to ensuring big outcomes are reached and development can be diversified in the first 12 months for future growth and progress.

I help teams learn individual and collective roles in a stable, virtual workshop approach focused on creating a long-term culture where no one stands in the way of asking.

As part of this service, an HR business partner is provided and confidential, non judgemental mental health support is available from an insured, accredited professional counsellor.

References available.

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