Fix the RSS feed for my homegrown booklist blog software
August 12, 2014 11:39 AM

I switched servers a few months ago and the homemade php booklist program that ran fine on the old server generates a ton of errors and does not correctly generate an RSS feed on the new server. I have, of course, messed with it a bit and now I am hosed.

What I would like is someone who can look under the hood, figure out what is up and fix it. Working valid RSS feed, limited errors. Everything that currently works needs to still work. You will have to deal with whatever the environment is on my geek friend's server, not tell me to tell him to set it up some other way. You will not rebuild this from scratch in Ruby on Rails. You will not complain about the code, I know it's old and weird; I broke up with the guy who wrote it eight years ago. You will need to give my friend your IP address so he can authorize you on his server.

This might be five minutes' work or it might take an hour. Pay is commensurate with those general expectations but please tell me if they are incorrect and we can adjust.

payscale: $75 or tech trade
job type: contract
posted by jessamyn to Software/QA/DBA/Etc

This job has been filled.

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