RA to track RSS market through Fall
May 21, 2013 10:15 AM

I am a professor at a business school studying entrepreneurship. I am looking at the way in which the sunsetting of Google Reader is creating an opportunity for new ventures. Observing what pops up, and when, and what business models they follow, will be both interesting and help us answer some important questions about how new players enter the market and how markets are segmented.

So, I want to find an RA or two who would want to help me put together a list of companies/products in the RSS space, when they enter, what features they have, etc. and to track the space through the fall. We can go through details, but it will essentially be keeping up a spreadsheet on the subject. I would like to find people who care about the space, or about the products in it, and who are up to speed on the RSS world.

This would likely take a few hours a week, every week, through Fall. I have research funds available to pay at hourly rates (RA funds, so better than Starbucks, but not by that much), and I hope that I could also make the research useful and interesting for those interested in academia or, potentially, an MBA.

payscale: variable
job type: part-time
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