Systems Engineer at Stackable/XMission
December 14, 2011 11:28 AM

Systems Engineer at Stackable

Stackable Web Hosting is seeking a Systems Engineer to oversee a team of developers dedicated to solving problems in web application scaling and hosting.

Your daily duties would include

Be team leader for a small group of developers:
Keep track of the progress of each team member on a daily basis
Conduct weekly face to face meetings to discuss the progress of Stackable
Manage short, medium and long term goals, frequently reorganizing tasks as necessary to respond to the needs of the product
Brainstorm and co-develop new products and services that are consistent with the goals of Stackable
Capacity planning: Track resource utilization and ensure that new equipment is on track for provisioning before existing infrastructure is at capacity
Act as lead programmer of the Stackable team. It will be your job to know every line of code and how everything works together. Many programming tasks will fall to you, and you'll be needed to teach the other team members about the code base:
Program in Perl on a 100k+ line code base with a focus on the following libraries and technologies:
POE, AMQP, DBIx::Class, Catalyst, Thrift, XML-RPC, XMPP
Develop scalable, threaded, non-blocking applications with custom API protocol implementations
Focus on clean, reusable code with adequate documentation and best practices in coding style
Understanding of CSS a must, a mastery of CSS a bonus
Administer a cluster of dozens of physical machines holding of hundreds of virtualized servers, all running CentOS 5
Use Puppet, Monit, Nagios and other open source tools to create and maintain a consistent state across the cluster
Work with Parallels Virtual Automation and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, both using the given tools and developing your own tools to interact with Virtuozzo via their XML-based asynchronous API to manage the cluster containers and to create new products
Create and follow processes to ensure that systems are secure and up-to-date
Use and configure PowerDNS, haproxy, nginx, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, ProFTPd, OpenLDAP, along with many other open source tools
Have a strong understanding of information visualization and use of techniques necessary to graph and display large amounts of data.
Design and implementation of storage area networks for production and backup data sets.
Be on-call 24/7, able to deal with operational issues at any hour of the night or weekend
Handle customer issues and support as needed, via live support, email, IRC, or telephone.

You must understand all the technologies involving Stackable's infrastructure from a systems architect standpoint, and be prepared to educate others in their usage. Must-have skills include knowledge of configuration management systems, LAMP stacks, CentOS/RHEL administration, scaling complex web applications, and experience with Virtuozzo or Parallels products. Experience with OpenStack is a plus.
You must be able to communicate well in emails, IRC, telephone and in person
You must be able to work in a team, having the ability to delegate tasks as needed and to communicate expectations with others.
An understanding of DevOps culture and a willingness to wear both hats in order to solve hard problems.
A solid understanding of all aspects of LAMP stack web performance tuning and demonstrable troubleshooting skills.
Experience with load-balancing and the design and implementation of highly-available LAMP-based web applications.
Networking experience preferred, especially at the upper-layers of the OSI model

5+ years experience in the support, development and operations of web applications, with hands-on experience with scalability and web operations a must.
Pay and Benefits

Salt Lake residency required
Salary commensurate with expertise and overall experience ($70,000+ range)
Excellent health benefits
About Us

Stackable is a web hosting provider for amazing websites.

Stackable's team is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah -- home of the world's best powder skiing (sorry, Colorado!). We bring creativity, confidence, and a lot of enthusiasm to our work. We're committed to solving problems that web developers face every day. As a part of XMission, Stackable has been offering web hosting to clients since 1993. Founded by Pete Ashdown, Stackable and XMission employ about fifty people.

If interested, send your resume to

payscale: $70,000 range
job type: full-time
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