Data Entry -- need someone to type up a list of names and house/plot numbers from two old homeowners lists
November 22, 2011 6:45 PM

Hi there. I do genealogy stuff, and I need some data entry help.

I have about 200 digital photographs of two related lists of homeowners from a certain Ukrainian town from 1851. The town used to be in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so the lists are in German, but you don't need to know any German to type them up. They don't have a ton of information, just the basic parcel numbers and the first name and surname of the person who owns that land and/or house. I need this information typed up into a spreadsheet, with columns for line number, house number, section number, surname, given name, comments, and maybe one or two other columns. Nothing too bad.

The first list has about 160 photos, usually with about three entries (names) per page/photo. Sample photo here from list #1.

The second list has about 40 photos, usually with about 18-20 entries (names) per page/photo. Sample photo here from list #2.

This is not terribly exciting work, but you can do it from your own home on your own schedule, which is nice. And you'll be helping genealogists and family historians for many years to come. The spreadsheets will eventually go online as part of a new free database at the All Galicia Database at, and possibly other locations online someday too.

The names of the people on the list are nearly all Polish or Ukrainian or Jewish, so if you are familiar with (or at least, aren't weirded out by) names like "Leiser" and "Chava" and "Pawel", that would probably be helpful. :-)

You'll need a decently fast Internet connection to download the images, which are about 4 MB each, and some kind of spreadsheet program, such as OpenOffice or Microsoft Excel. I can pay by check or PayPal, whatever you prefer.

Interested? Let me know what you think a fair rate would be to complete these two lists and turn them into spreadsheets. Turnaround time would have to be within about three weeks, but if you had a whole day or two free, that's probably all you would need to get through all the files. Thanks!

payscale: let me know what you think is a fair amount for these two lists
job type: contract
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