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September, 2019

Tour Designer, Kyoto City

Hi all! Windows to Japan is looking for an experienced tour designer/salesperson to take responsibility of the variety of tasks that occur from sales lead to tour completion for inbound travel to Japan. -Position available immediately... [more inside]

February, 2015

Sell My Car

Hey there, I need to sell my car and apparently there are no consignment services in Chicago for this at all. While I don't expect a fortune, it seems like all the dealer or take-any-car shops are a ripoff. The car is fairly new, a solid make,... [more inside]

June, 2013

Telemarketing/sales in San Diego

We have an event in San Diego that I am looking to get locals to attend. This is a contract sales/telemarketing position that takes place from now until the end of July.... [more inside]

September, 2012

Junior Sales Consultant - Outbound - Paid Search Agency

Pretty much what it says on the tin... here's the job spec from our website. About Us Maple Forest is a growing Paid Search... [more inside]

July, 2012

Sales! Looking for Groupon refugee- Sell cool websites

I'm looking for some sales help to sell website and hosting services to small businesses and insurance agents. Would love to talk to you if you have sales experience! Thanks!... [more inside]

November, 2011

part-time phone sales position Seattle area

You: Can work from home, can work 10 to 20 hours per week, can afford to work on commission, have an interest in activism and/or experience in campus activities and/or public speaking. Me: needs someone to make sales calls for me on commission,... [more inside]

August, 2011

Hiring part-time consultants for female-friendly business

A very fast-growing, female owned and operated business is seeking experienced salespeople to be part time consultants. Generate leads and make referrals as you get the word out about our truly innovative and life changing financial solutions. Work... [more inside]

January, 2010

Media Account Executive / WBGO Public Radio Jazz88

Hey folks, I know a LOT of you are jazz fans and are familiar with WBGO. We've recently celebrated 30 years of presenting Jazz, Blues, R&B and award winning news as an affiliate of National Public Radio. We broadcast in the New York DMA and... [more inside]

May, 2008

Sales Representatives - Network Hardware

We're looking for two new sales representatives to join our team. We buy, refurbish, and sell network hardware. We're a woman-owned business and are serious about our commitment to sustainable business practices. If you have sales experience in... [more inside]