Sell My Car
February 4, 2015 2:09 PM

Hey there, I need to sell my car and apparently there are no consignment services in Chicago for this at all. While I don't expect a fortune, it seems like all the dealer or take-any-car shops are a ripoff.

The car is fairly new, a solid make, small/compact model for city driving, desirable options, great condition, low miles, transferable warranty, and title in hand. I see no reason it shouldn't sell well.

Trying to sell it myself would be a (literal) pain. I wish to pay you to do as much of the showing, talking, moving, paperwork, etc., as possible.

I don't know what appropriate pay would be, but some kind of percentage seems fair. We can work something out, and I want to make it worth your time.

If you're associated with a dealership or lot, or have experience with cars or car sales, or otherwise feel you're able to do the process, let's talk. Bonus points if you have some kind of lot or other legal ability to take the car off the street and allow me to transfer the registration.

payscale: Percentage
job type: contract
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