OS X App Developer - Keep Me Off the Internet
January 2, 2011 12:08 PM

There are a few OS X apps available to keep someone off the internet but none do everything I want them to do. For instance, Self Control blocks a list of web sites and is uninterruptible (ie, rebooting doesn't stop it from doing its job); Freedom blocks all sites but can be interupted with a reboot.

I want an app that will block ALL internet access for a variable amount of time (asks how long I want to block when I run it) and that a reboot won't workaround.


- I run it.
- It asks how much time I want the Net blocked for.
- It blocks all incoming/outgoing Net access for that period of time no matter what I do to get around it (force quit; reboot; etc.).

Would be nice if:

- the Dock icon had a display of remaining time


How much would you charge for such an App and how long would it take to develop?

payscale: You tell me.
job type: contract
posted by dobbs to Software/QA/DBA/Etc

This job has been filled.

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