Graphic / Logo (vector?) design
December 9, 2010 9:20 AM

We'd like to have an image made which we can use to take to a screen printer or an embroidery shop, or something similar. I'd like it to be a simple, clear silhouette of a billy goat (any kind of goat is fine, as long as it looks like a goat and has horns and the beard) perched, the way goats perch, on top of a giant hop cone.

I'm very partial to the way Austin Homebrew has hop cones look: very distinctive silhouette, (pdf) really I'd mainly just like a similar style goat standing on top of one of those. This isn't for any commercial use, so it's fine if you want to borrow their little logo there directly that's fine, or you can come up with something similar.

Here is a doodle of the idea although the ideal finished product would be more vector-y and less cartoon-y. Also the goat isn't centered on the hop, and the scale is different in each one...we aren't artists, you know?

I have no idea what the going rate is for ala carte design work like this. This is for a fun side-project to a hobby, so I don't really have as much to spend as I would if I planned on actually doing commercial work with this, but I wouldn't ask you to do something for nothing, so please let me know what seems like a fair price for this before you start working on it.


payscale: negotiable
job type: contract
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