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November 11, 2006 10:04 AM

Thinkature is a Cambridge, MA based startup developing innovative visual collaboration products. We launched our first version last week, and have had a great response so far. We're really serious about good usability, good design, and good code. This is an intense experience, so it's also really important that candidates be in the Boston area.

We're currently a two person operation, so we're looking for someone who wants to get involved at the start of something we believe will be really great. This is an almost-founder like position, so it's critical that you're really excited about web applications, collaboration, and being involved in decisions about every aspect of a young company. Here are some of the kinds of jobs we hope you could do:

  • Do web design. (the usuals - HTML/CSS)
  • Hack on the client-side (we use Javascript in ways rarely seen on the web)
  • Enhance server-side functionality (our custom HTTP server is written in Python)
  • Test like a fiend on a variety of browser platforms (our current release supports all the major browsers)
  • Engage in high level design discussions about the direction of the product
  • Engage in low level design discussions about details of specific features
  • Develop relationships with potential future user groups
  • Run pilot deployments with specific user groups
  • Maintain community relations (writing on our blog, reading/commenting on others, plus staying involved in our forum and on our wiki)
  • Help us manage money and other administrative tasks

We're not expecting candidates to demonstrate experience in all of these areas, but the more of them you can demonstrate experience in, or reasons why you might be good at them, the better. More than anything else, though, we want to hire a smart, passionate, and flexible person.

If you're interested, please get in touch with me and we can start a dialog. Feel free to include whatever supporting materials you think are appropriate for convincing us that you'd be a good fit.

payscale: equity + salary
job type: full-time
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