Buy aquarium decor from UK website and ship to California
November 17, 2010 12:14 PM

There's this shipwreck aquarium ornament that my son wants, I've been hearing all about it for the past 3 years (he's 12, so he's spent a substantial portion of his life obsessing about this thing). We haven't found a USA distributor of this item. I've emailed the retailer but they will not ship to the USA.

I need someone in England to buy this ornament and ship it to me in California. I'll pay for the item, the shipping cost from the website to you, the shipping costs from you to me, whatever customs/associated duties or fees that might be involved + some money for your time and effort. I'm thinking £25 for the last part, but you're welcome to suggest otherwise.

payscale: negotiable
job type: contract
posted by jamaro to Et cetera

This job has been filled.

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