Sysadmin in the Boston area
November 1, 2010 12:34 PM

I am an expert technician with an extensive background of technical study and experience in both system administration and networking. I have over 18 years of professional experience in diverse and complex, heterogeneous environments.

I am a true geek who is passionate about FOSS technologies. I have dealt with all aspects of systems management and integration, from initial design and specification to purchasing, to builds and installs, configuration, and monitoring, maintenance and upgrades. I have been responsible for high volume email and groupware systems, “5 Nines” production web servers, general network infrastructure and various database platforms (MySQL, postgreSQL, MSSQL,Oracle) running atop a multitude of operating systems ranging from Windows-based servers to Solaris to Mac OSX and other BSD based systems to my personal favorite: Linux (slackware, debian, centos, redhat, gentoo, ubuntu). I am also highly adaptable and very creative in terms of developing solutions. I tend to take an unorthodox approach to fixing things that produces excellent results.

I have a great deal of knowledge and experience to offer. I am a very motivated person who requires little guidance, and is highly adaptable to any technical environment. I take pride in my communication skills as well as my ability to creatively manage the tasks at hand. I believe my creativity to be my greatest asset, as it has helped me developed a wide array of solutions for an even wider variety of tasks.

My resume is available here.

job type: contract
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