SharePoint custom development
September 27, 2010 12:03 PM

The development is for SharePoint Foundation 2010.

We have a ISO site that contains two libraries, one containing documents, the other a Wiki Page library. Each time a document is updated we are required to track that users have read the updated document. Currently we do this via printed sheets that users sign. We would like users to sign-off (via checkbox?) within the system that they have read these documents.

We are looking at three levels of functionality – what we look to implement will depend on the complexity and cost.
Level 1 – Create system whereby logged in users mark (sign) that they have read a document. Track which users have marked.
Level 2 – Allow administrator to review who has and who has not marked a document based on which users are part of groups within SharePoint. Allow a report to be generated showing all documents missing user marks.
Level 3 – Allow administrator to send a reminder to users listing all documents they have not marked. Ideally one email would go to each user listing all documents that they have not reviewed.

Overall we would prefer that these marks would be contained outside the document themselves. We will not be required to collect comments or other information in the marking process.

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